University of British Columbia
Bachelor of Science - BS
Computer Science
2018 - 2021
Vancouver, BC
British Columbia Institute of Technology
Full Stack Web Development
2020 - 2022
Vancouver, BC
University of British Columbia
Bachelor of Applied Science - BASc
Chemical & Biological Engineering
2014 - 2018
Vancouver, BC


Web Developer | Part-Time
VentureXPerience (VXP)
Jan 2021 - Sep 2021
Vancouver, BC
Undergraduate Teaching Lab Assistant
Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering
University of British Columbia
Apr 2017 – Aug 2020 • 3 yrs 5 mos
Vancouver, BC


Minerva is a simple, performant, and hackable Markdown editor that provides seamless GitHub integration and real-time collaboration.
Meet Runik, a web app that allows users to generate custom e-book dictionaries for their favourite fictional worlds. Stay fully immersed in your book while enjoying custom definitions of weapons, characters, places, and more.
Abyssal Gameplay (Boss)
🎮 👻 Abyssal is the codename for our deep-sea, Metroidvania-style game. The player takes on the role of the amnesiac protagonist, Syba, to free a race of captured spirits and discover a lost history. To do so, the player will explore an ancient temple where they will solve puzzles to unlock rooms and new abilities. The player must find out what happened in the past to decide what will happen in the future.
Twilight Drive-In (Re-Design)
A collaborative effort with three other full stack developers to propose a website redesign and rebranding for Twilight Drive-In theatre, in order to boost customer retention and conversion.
Venture XPerience (VXP)
VentureXPerience (VXP) is Western Canada’s first-ever design-focused Hackathon. More than 300 designers from 20+ countries worldwide attended the inaugural event.
Dev House
Dev House is a twitter-like social networking platform for developers. Registered users can post, like, comment, and share posts with people in their network.
Express Documentation
This documentation will guide you through setting up a Node.js project for building small to medium-scale RESTful APIs using Express.js. The aim is to provide a sustainable structure that simplifies complex projects into smaller, more reusable, and modular components. Focus is placed on best practices and various ways to optimize workflow when working collaboratively.